The Onduno Stud exists since 1950. It was owned by grandfather Bernhard Garbade, one of oldest and most well-known breeders in Namibia. Bernhard and his Onduno Warmblood Stud has been also well-known in South Africa through many stud visits and showjumping shows.

After Bernhard's death his son Thodo Garbade and grandson, Bernd Garbade followed his footsteps. Now both of them breed, run and own the Onduno Warmblood Stud with passion.

The Onduno's Stud branding symbolized the Oryx horns and presents the famous common antelope on their farm Onduno.

Our well-known breeding stud is located 45km west of Windhoek (capital of Namibia) on the farm Onduno in the Khomashochland.

Our warmblood sport horses are born, bread and schooled in a beautiful mountainous and rough country side. Our horses grow slightly slower in this mountainous environment, but therefore they develop a stronger muscle and bone structure and they built a very robust immune system. 95% of horses develop into strong, big show-jumping horses.

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The Warmbloods breed distinguishes the type of horse from the ‘cold' bloods (draft horses) and ‘hot' bloods (Thoroughbreds and Arabs). Warmbloods are continuing to evolve. ‘Outside blood' is taken into the gene pool to improve the horse evolutionary process i.e. athletic ability, technicality, character, movements, build, speed, looks.

The Onduno Warmblood Stud consists of mainly broodmares. Seamen from famous international warmblood stallions and imported stallions are used for upmarket breeding. We keep the mare foals for further breeding and the colt foals are prepared and trained until they are ready for sale.

We produce showjumping & Dressage horses

Best european renowned stallion with

Good and well known pedigrees

Natural raised and well trained

Traditional  namibian warmblood stud since 1942


Namibian horses are well-known for their quality and excellent showjumping discipline. Onduno Stud is famous for producing showjumping horses up to Grand Prix and A-Grade levels.

We can offer you young, top quality equestrian sport horses with famous and interesting bloodlines. All our horses get vetted with full radiological exams.

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Onduno For Sale Stallion Mares Sold Training Contact Gallery